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Shamanic Mediumship

This photo was taken on one of our many magical adventures with my love @ryan_soundjourney during a trip through #parisfrance visiting #jimmorrison’sgrave #pierelachaisecemetery . I have been drawn to cemeteries all of my life due to the fact that I am a #medium . I also have had tremendous work to do on an energetic level whenever I would go to cemeteries because I am a #shamanichealer . I would have to spend hours healing spirits and helping them cross over into the light . As an #empath I would sometimes feel how they died and their suffering from being Eartbound Spirits. So, as I was drawn there , I was equally repelled by the energy I would feel . The work is not easy . But my compassion and desire to understand would lead me there time and time again. I even studied mediumship at length, just to find that I am NOT an evidential medium . The spirit work that I do is definitely meant for healing complex situations that need unraveling to cross up into the light or assist families with Shamanic healing to clear #ancestrialkarma during their times of loss.

I know this because these people repeatedly show up without my advertising this type of service work. In fact much of it IS exactly that #servicework . There is much healing needed in this way to heal the land where tragedy and mass destruction has occurred and someone needs to help these spirits get home and elevate their path over #therainbowbridge . I myself have had many friends and family come to me after they pass for healing and am happy to oblige. But I do not enjoy the process of bringing through messages from them for people mainly because the people who wish to communicate with their loved ones are expecting something different from me than what spirit needs from me and that never seems to line up in a way for me to call it a mediumship reading. So I generally refer out to other mediums I know . However I am able to relate to their experience of loss of a loved one and can sometimes help anyways with a #transition through the #veilbetweenworlds and have offered much help in releasing energetic cords , clearing timelines, healing the land and bringing in peace and resolution in other ways


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