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One of my first mentors said “there are a thousand paths to God , you just have to pick one..”

Then she would say things that gave me God bumps or Spirit bumps and it meant that what was being said was true . Based of that inner knowing of ya , that resonates. She would say there is a Golden Thread that runs through all faiths and religions , certain ideas that run through all of them . Those are the universal truths....

It has stuck with me ever since .

Then I began to learn through Joseph Campbell about them all and the hero’s journey. I heard so many similar stories in multiple parts of the world and at different times. I bought different versions of bibles and cross referenced them all to see how some things changed in translations. I learned the history of how Governments and Religious offices were not always separate and there are many secrets in the Vadican . I learned of how people were burned alive for translating the bible into layman’s terms . Corruption in the house of God based on religion being used for Government power. The Holy wars , the witch trials . I studied the Akashic records and learned trance meditation for many years , accessing these ancient past life memories of having lived through this and what really happened. I saw again and again the return of many Starseeds reincarnated in multiple faiths and in different regions . I then learned that through our higher selves we can access ancient knowledge and spiritual gifts that we have mastered in our previous incarnations. But we must earn them with doing our healing and growing . Because its all about spiritual evolution of ourselves and the collective consciousness. Aho


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