Virtual Sound Baths


We are excited to be a part of this global outreach to extend our hand to the community here Live on Instagram @dharmayogahouse in IG stories on Monday evenings at 7:30 pm . I will be bringing through High vibrational spirit energy , Reiki and sacred Light Language Toning , Ancestral Songs, messages from my spirit guides , the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Divine Feminine .
We will be broadcasting with music played by @ryanmcnaughtonyoga where he will bring out his Musical talents playing his Symphonic Gong , Saturn Gong , Moon Gong , Quartz Crystal Bowls .
While I go into trance and work with your energy as well as sending a signal out globally to heal this corona virus pandemic virtually. I call in Mother Nature with my medicine drum and Peruvian Shamanism with the Tree of Life Rattle , working with my team of healers we work Multidimensionally using sound Therapy, Light Language and Channeled Healing as well as messages .
To donate please venmo us directly at : Alicia-Mcnaughton

And again we will be here for you no matter what . All donations go towards making sure that we are able to keep our funds stable to offer you more live events once this all resides and bring back our medicine to our community live and in person. We hold space here now with pleasure and of service 🙏🏻 many blessings Ashra 🌎👐🏻💕

34186 Sepulveda Ave. #D. Capo Beach Ca. 92624 (714) 625-5457

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