Sound Baths & Ceremony 

Indoor & Outdoor Sound baths  6/12/21/21 7 pm , 6/19/21 7 pm 


Come join us  as we gather together for our 90-minute Sound Bath Meditation Journey.  A Self Care Experience with the Holistic Mystic. Ryan McNaughton will create a chamber of serenading and grounding vibrations from a variety of planetary gongs, crystal quartz singing bowls, and other sound healing instruments. A sound bath is an easy and simple form of meditation that allows you to embark on an inward journey through the subconscious, reconnecting deeply to your heart center while realigning the body, mind, and soul back into harmonic balance. Alicia will offer Reiki, Light Language Vocals, guided meditation with Channeling and Shamanic Healing.


Our sound baths are so much more than just a relaxation experience. As the frequencies and vibrations permeate through our bodies and harmonize with our soul, our own energetic balance becomes equalized. Sound has a unique healing element to it as each musical note relates to a certain energy center within and surrounding our bodies. Our own bodies are similar to those of instruments in the sense that as time progresses, we can become “out of tune”, so to speak and in need of a recalibration. As we sink into the meditation, our body's energy centers are washed over by healing sounds, clearing the subconscious of energetic and emotional blockages, while nourishing each individual cell inside.


Make sure to create your most comfortable space. Suggestions include: blankets, pillows, yoga mat, cushions, water, as well as any sacred items you wish to cleanse/charge. Also, please wear loose and comfortable clothing so you may fall into your meditation even deeper.


This is a laying down experience. Feel free to bring whatever you need to create a relaxing and comfortable set up. Suggestions includes yoga mat, pillows, blankets, crystals, and water to fully settle in.


Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways:

~ Activates Higher States of Consciousness

~Unlocks Blocked Emotions

~Relieves Anxiety and Stress

~Induces Complete Relaxation

~Promotes Deep Meditation

~Heightens Clarity

~Improves Ability to Concentrate

~Relieves Insomnia

~Decreases Depression

~Normalizes Blood Pressure

~Relieves Physical Pain

~Release Emotional Trauma

Please be sure to bring the following:

- Yoga Mat

- Pillow

- Blanket

- Cushion to place underneath your knees

- Eye Covering

- Water

- Any sacred items you wish to cleanse/charge

- Wear loose comfortable clothing so you can relax more

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