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Sound Baths & Ceremony 

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 Sound Baths in person , online livestream & Vimeo 

Full Moon Sound Bath Ceremony

1 hour 30 minutes @ $35.00
Saturday, May 25 at 7:00pm
Saturday, June 22 at 7:00pm

Saturday, July 20 at 7:00pm

Saturday, August 17 at 7:00 pm

The Sound Healing Center
of Lexington

333 East Short Street, Suite 320
Lexington, KY

Donation Based Sound Bath at Mysteria Market

Sunday May 26th from 6-7pm 

at Hotel Lex, 5532 Athens-Boonesboro Rd.

( $20 suggested Donation )

Join us for our Sound Bath at Lexington Meetups & Livestreams as Alicia & Ryan, @The_Holistic_Mystic, carry you through an evening of Breathwork & Guided Meditation. We will journey into a Sound Chamber of Light & Healing with magical Gongs and Crystal Tones Singing Bowls. The harmonies offer a dreamlike state of relaxing Song & Sound accessing Soulful Blissful States. Awakening your Spirit and providing peaceful rhythms that align your soul, allowing you to let go & unwinding peacefully on your mat.

We begin with Breathwork, creating an opportunity to melt away unwanted thoughts beginning to move the energy in your body. Followed by a Deep, Restful & Rejuvenating Sound Journey guided by Alicia’s Light Language Vocals complimented with undernotes of deep soothing Gongs and Singing Bowls. Energetic Healing Sound waves will move away aches and pains brining tranquility and understanding. We invite you on this journey with us to a sanctuary of bliss, harmony and rhythm.

This is a laying down experience.

Kava Kava  is known as a relaxing drink with potential to promote a sense of sociability, as well as feelings of peace and harmony without diminishing mental awareness or clarity.  For many users, kava is a pleasant, refreshing and mentally uplifting drink that relieves fatigue, relaxes the body after hard work or effort, clears the mind and brings a sense of well-being. 

( Pregnant or breastfeeding women should not take kava.) works best on empty stomach

Cacao ceremony will give you the opportunity to connect to your inner spirit, which will help you to explore meditation on a much deeper and spiritual level.

The word cacao actually came from the Maya word Ka’kau, and the Maya word Chokola’j—which means to drink chocolate together.

You probably already know that cacao comes from the cacao bean—which is also used to make chocolate.

But the cacao plant is seen as a medicinal plant, and has been used for a number of spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial purposes throughout history.

The Rapéh (pronounced “Ha-peh”) snuff is a sacred and legal herbal snuff from the indigenous peoples of the forest. It is said to heighten the awareness and the senses, clear and align your mind, your instinct and your intuition and help promote cleansing of the body and soul.

Its purpose is to drive away dark thoughts and bad vibrations and align you with your best self. To be used in moderation, preferably outdoors, in a sacred place. 


This portion is a sitting up experience.


Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways:

~ Activates Higher States of Consciousness

~Unlocks Blocked Emotions

~Relieves Anxiety and Stress

~Induces Complete Relaxation

~Promotes Deep Meditation

~Heightens Clarity

~Awakens Intuition

~Relieves Insomnia

~Decreases Depression

~Normalizes Blood Pressure

~Relieves Physical Pain

~Release Emotional Trauma

Please be sure to bring the following:

- Yoga Mat

- Pillow

- Blanket

- Cushion to place underneath your knees

- Eye Covering

- Water

- Any sacred items you wish to cleanse/charge

- Wear loose comfortable clothing so you can relax more

Sip n’ Stretch

Featuring Kava & Therapeutic Touch


Featuring Restorative and Yin postures with Ryan as well as Therapeutic touch w/ Alicia. We will indulge in an extended savasana accompanied by the soothing sounds of the singing bowls and gong. Optional Kava ceremony will be in the lobby for social time before Yoga + Sound.  This sacred space offers a tranquil healing environment for self-care.


Alicia is a certified HHP, MT, in Zen Touch Shiatsu, Tui Na, Energetic Body Work & Cranial Sacral , Reiki, Channeling, Tarot & Oracle Readings, Shamanic Healing, Crystal Healing, Gridding, Guided Meditation, Light Language etc. 

Ryan is a certified trauma informed Yin Yoga Teacher, Sound Healer & Reiki Master

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