Reiki School

Usui Reiki 1

 $199 5 hours ( 2 person minimum )

Receive your Reiki Attunement, booklet and certificate, learn the Reiki hand positions, Reiki history & 

7 chakra overview July 3 , 11-4

Usui Reiki 2 

$333  2 days 5 hours each day 

Receive your Reiki attunement, booklet & certificate, learn 3 Usui Reiki symbols, Learn how to give a Long-distance Healing, Learn to use Reiki for Manifestation

Learn professional ethics and procedures.

 11:30 -4:30  pm August 7 & 14 

Usui Reiki Master /Teacher Level 3 online

$1111.00   5 days 5 hours a day or 3 days for a private class

receive your Reiki attunement, booklet & certificate. Learn how to give Reiki attunements for levels 1-3, how to remove  energy blocks, how to lead a Reiki circle, build crystal grids, How to teach Reiki classes for levels 1-3, energy ethics, creating & maintaining sacred space, business coaching. intern at our monthly Reiki circle and future Reiki Class as a teacher's aid. July 1,8,15,22,29 sold out

Join us online using zoom meetings for Reiki Club. To qualify for membership you must have a Usui Reiki Master/teacher training completed. It can be from another school other than The Holistic Mystic. Just as long as you have a certificate of completion.
Reiki Club is an easy way to upgrade you Reiki field of light, adding in new symbols and techniques other than your Usui knowledge bank. Each course will be taught every 3rd Saturday of the month from 1-3 pm. Reiki Club $88 a month for 4 -12 months of Advanced Reiki Master lineages or $111 drop in rate for these advanced Reiki Master lineages. 

( Must be a Reiki Master to qualify) 

We will rotate though the following Reiki Lineages. 

Seichim Reiki level 4 (attuning objects) 

Lightarian Reiki 1-6 levels 

Shamballa Reiki

Ananda Rei Reiki level 4 

Ariel Reiki 

Kundalini Reiki

Karuna Reiki level 4 

Hello Healers~ Our next lineage is Ananda Rei Reiki Levels 1-3. In our 1st level you will receive 18 new Reiki Symbols. This lineage was brought through Faun Parliman my Reiki Teacher. For those of you taking this online I will need to have you confirmed a week in advance so I can mail you a hard copy of the symbols and their meanings. Here is a brief list of each of the symbols names : Leela ( stillpoint), Welah ( Anchangels), Era ( sphere of being being) , Larad ( DNA), Redar( stabilizing) , Relak ( removes negative influences) , Thetarsis ( spirit guides) , Diathon ( reduces appetite) ,Valianara ( calls in a life partner) , Beleata ( sports) , Galeen ( Gall Bladder) , Kaleesh ( Pancreas) . Valendron ( stops overeating) , Bel Leana ( liver) , Olarie ( intestines) Rejuvio( spinal discs) . I am extending class for an extra hour and charging $111.



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