Reiki School

Usui Reiki 1

 $199 5 hours ( 2 person minimum )

Receive your Reiki Attunement, booklet and certificate, learn the Reiki hand positions, Reiki history & 

7 chakra overview June 2021 ( no date set yet) 

Usui Reiki 2 

$333  2 days 5 hours each day 

Receive your Reiki attunement, booklet & certificate, learn 3 Usui Reiki symbols, Learn how to give a Long-distance Healing, Learn to use Reiki for Manifestation

Learn professional ethics and procedures.

 11-5 February 13 th & 27 th ( next class will be in July 2021)

Usui Reiki Master /Teacher Level 3 

$1111.00   5 days 5 hours a day or 3 days for a private class

receive your Reiki attunement, booklet & certificate. Learn how to give Reiki attunements for levels 1-3, how to remove  energy blocks, how to lead a Reiki circle, build crystal grids, How to teach Reiki classes for levels 1-3, energy ethics, creating & maintaining sacred space, business coaching. intern at our monthly Reiki circle and future Reiki Class as a teacher's aid. March 6,13, 27 11-5

& March 10, 17 6:00 - 8:30 pm ( our next class will be in August 2021) 

Reiki Club 

Join us online using zoom meetings   To qualify for membership you must have a Usui Reiki Master/teacher training completed. It can be from another school other than The Holistic Mystic. Just as long as you have a certificate of completion.
Reiki Club is an easy way to upgrade you Reiki field of light, adding in new symbols and techniques other than your Usui knowledge bank. Each course will be taught every 3rd Saturday of the month from 1-4 pm. Reiki Club is a journey through 7 Reiki lineages $111each class

( Must be a Reiki Master to qualify) 

We will rotate though the following Reiki Lineages. 

Seichim Reiki level 4 (attuning objects) 

Lightarian Reiki 1-6 levels 

Shamballa Reiki

Ananda Rei Reiki level 4 

Ariel Reiki 

Kundalini Reiki

Karuna Reiki level 4 

This Month we will be receiving Karuna Reiki 1

 Zonar( heals the past) Halu ( heals the Shadow Self), Harth ( heals relationships)Rama (Heals the Lower Chakras)


Tuition is $111

Join us for our community Reiki Share online zoom class

from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm 

Good for beginners or advanced practitioners alike.
This Community Reiki Circle is an opportunity for those who have never experienced Reiki to be a part of this beautiful, healing energy. To meet like-minded individuals in the community with similar interests and get introduced to the amazing benefits of Reiki. For practitioners of any level and lineage this is a chance to gather with other Reiki practitioners and practice giving healings. Our group centered healing are led by Alicia McNaughton, The Holistic Mystic, with over 10 years’ experience teaching Reiki in Orange County Yoga Studios, Metaphysical Centers & Holistic Health Centers. Joined by Ryan McNaughton a local Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Sound Healer. Temporary Reiki attunements will be given to any who wish to receive. Bring your own water, yoga mat & anything you need to feel comfortable and relaxed. We will have hand and spray sanitizer as well as aromatherapy diffusing. Masks are optional. Release of liability waivers onsite. Zoom option for those who wish to join virtually or if you are feeling under the weather. 
This is a Donation Based Offering



34186 Sepulveda Ave. #D. Capo Beach Ca. 92624 (714) 625-5457

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