Intuitive Development Training Courses

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All Classes held online zoom or we also have room for 4 people in person at home office in Capo Beach. $55 each class Sold separately


In person  at The Holistic Mystic Home office in Capo Beach

or online zoom access is available

April 14th 7-9 pm Aura Reading Activate Clairvoyance using a guided Channeling with Alicia and her Guides. Then practice Aura reading with your peers. 


April 28th  7-9 pm Pendulums Use your own pendulum or purchase one in class to be used in diving knowledge in yes or no form as well  the as use of charts in class . trade readings with your peers.

May 12th 7-9 pm Psychometry Use a metal object, a photo on your phone or a crystal to understand the idea of a person and get messages using your sense of Clairsentience. Using this modality you get to bring in an object that is used by you to be read by a peer in class.  Trade readings.( for zoom you will read the object through the screen )


May 26th 7-9 pm Oracle cards will be provided in class for you to use in reading them for yourself and each other. Bring your own if preferred too. This is a practice trade . Instruction and guidance will be offered. 

$55 each ( 2 hours)  

click the link below and the dates you would like to attend  after on our online calendar.

each class sold separately.

We offer mentoring packages of 5, 1 hour appointments for $555 total ( available on zoom or in person) 1+1 appointments for mentoring should be ideally be a week apart. however they can be redeemed up to 3 months . Topics to choose from will be one of the following :Munay Ki Initiations & journeywork, Reiki initiations & attunements, internal work with your spirit team, developing your own Light Language. you may be given homework such as writing or meditation exercises for each session email us a decision upon which one you are interested in learning to avoid any confusion + online course subjects are now available on Vimeo to rent $22 buy $33 or subscribe to all premium Reiki content at $55 monthly

for Psychic Development vimeo channel its $11 rental, $15 buy, $22 subscribe  Vimeo works on smart phones,

computers , Roku etc. 

(month to month subscription)