Channeling Certifications

This is a pre-requisite course to be considered for trance vocal channeling training. We reserve the right to refund you if it is not a good fit and discontinue training. To qualify for these programs and pass you must be respectful, honor boundaries, do the homework and class exercises , have a willingness to grow, show up on time, pay tuition on time. We offer one on one mentioning by appointment between classes at my hourly rate for those of you who are interested in choosing specific times that will work better for you. Additional healing and spiritual guidance between classes is also available in a one on one session. You may book a one on one session here: 

For Private Mentoring book here for a 2 1/2 hour one on one class. Available using zoom or in person. classes will require a full appreciation for the material and homework as well as one on one sessions in trance meditation. Automatic writing will be assigned as well as personalized recordings to work with at home between sessions. Each topic will be taught one at a time at our rate of $277 per class. After booking please send email to with your choice of topic before you arrive so I can prepare your class materials. 

Multidimensional Awareness & Self healing Certification

Level 1 Pre-requisite course. 

You will begin with a dream log that you can bring to share in class and have the dream of your choice interpreted with Alicia and her spirit guides. Then you will read a channeling you have written by your Higher Self. We will then learn about the topic and go into trance meditation then channel write again, share and go home. In each monthly activation you will receive energetic upgrades and spiritual energy downloads Light Language toning and sacred singing by Alicia’s Spirit team of activation specialists. You will work with 4 very important aspects of your multidimensional self with your Higher Self as your main guide. This series will become the foundation to deeper work with your spirit guides. It is our Level 1 pre-requisite into Channeling.  Tuition is non-refundable non-transferable. All classes are recorded and sent to you should you need to make up a class. Homework can be emailed to 

First session: To begin you must also understand both the Negative & Positive Ego and how you might accidentally be channeling your Ego instead of Higher True Information based on the Intelligence of the Higher Self. Witnessing how your own Ego shows up and how to begin its healing with Ashra.

Second session: Meet your Higher Self. Learn how to begin Automatic Writing and setting up your Gatekeeper in spirit for using as a gentle safe way to open to your own Multidimensional reality with a guide who is you in your Highest form. Learn how to anchor light from your Higher Self into your Intuitive Readings and Healing process.

Third session: Take a journey through a meditation into the past for a soul retrieval and healing with your Inner Child. This will be a guided journey where you and your Higher Self will write with the child and heal any blockages from where they have first originated. Your Higher Self will clear old Soul Contracts, clear cords and beliefs that may have been guiding you down a path you are not wanting. So you may undo the emotional knots of your past and become healthy and whole making way for your new updated way of believing in and seeing yourself in a new future and more desirable present day reality.

Forth session: Explore your Light and Dark Shadow Selves. This is  the place you have hidden your personal power by shutting out memories of  events that you couldn’t fully understand or process .To integrate the Shadow we will visit Vocal Toning techniques to clear what may be rising to the surface and heal you faster. The events will be energetically seen with the help and guidance of your Higher Self and supported with a lot of healing energy. To clear and transmute and bring it into the Light where you will retrieve your spiritual gifts hidden in your Light Shadow.

Fifth session: Then as you become integrated we can also start a remedy through past lifetimes through your connection inside the Akashic Records. Learn to time travel through being in a deep state of trance using your Higher Self’s medicine to guide you through a spirit walk into another time. You will see a healthy release of unwanted spiritual energy in your Family Tree and clear your connection to this time and age to create freely with the knowledge of previous mistakes. You will clear unwanted Karma and remember who you are and even why you have experienced many things or are drawn to parts of the world that have always called to you from a different time. To ease into it you will begin by calling in the help of Archangel Michael and learn to close out old energy cords with Soul contracts in your Karmic relationships.

Sixth session: Tune in using your Higher Self using access to the Akashic Records to give intuitive messages to another person about their process. Trade readings. It will be without cards and only using your spiritual gifts. You may also use automatic writing if you feel called to do it that way. Learn Relay Channeling messages from your Higher Self, for the highest good of all concerned. Enjoy.