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"I have been listening to the recording of the session we had on Tuesday repeatedly. I don't think I was aware of the magnitude of the messages you gave me during the session. Hope told me how special you are and what you are capable of. But it didn't sink in till I listened to the recording again and again. I am so glad that Hope suggested to record the session and I took the advice.


I surely got what I was seeking for and much more. My grandfather, grandmother and probably my mother came to give advice, encouragement and love was very special also. I was trying to digest the messages but they hadn't sunk in to my slow brain yet during the hour. There will be more discoveries as I listen to it more for sure and I will receive more comfort and courage for sure.


Another thing I noticed later was that you and as you often called "we" must have healed me some. It left me almost yearning to come back for more. 


I was impressed also how patient you were. As I was slowly putting my thoughts together and searching for appropriate words, you were helping me. You must have had clients who are not native English speakers before or you might have been seeing what I wanted to put together in words already.

Thank you so much for your help, Alicia. I wanted you to know how grateful I am."


San Clemente, CA

"Alicia created a space of trust, openness, unconditional love and compassion, which gave me permission to express my darkest thoughts and it is in the center of this space that all that is within me, the darkness and the light, I was given a voice.


The process of healing the Self is beautiful and can be very frightening and many years involving serious personal traumas have seemed overwhelming and beyond the capacity of my mind to integrate into my current life. As my guide/facilitator Alicia was able to reach my subconscious mind and help me connect with my inner world that I had no idea existed. The solutions to my stressors were all there for me to discover and Alicia’s devine gifts provided insightful, gentle, loving and powerful healings.


My intense journey of healing with Alicia has provided an anchor and a compass with which I can attempt to navigate the sea inside and around me. I have reconnected with my heart, with my potential to live and continue to live in the face of fear; with my ability to create beauty, begin to accept and love myself, connect deeply with my Source and live from a place of love and power and to offer such love to the world, all the above is truly part of Alicia's Souls work.


Angel, you changed my life.....I am still a work in progress however thank you for all your insights, gifts and guidance."  

Cornelia B. 

San Clemente, CA

"I just have to tell you that you are so gifted. The healing made such a difference for me. My hip and knee aren't hurting, I have more energy, sleeping better, etc. I'm going to be a regular client of yours!"


San Clemente, CA

"Thank you so much! You are amazing & exactly what I needed to get rid of this stuck stuff!" 


San Clemente, CA

" Alicia is amazing at any healing work she provides. What ever you go to her for you won't be disappointed. She is a great teacher and a sweet and loving person. The minute you are in a room with Alicia you can feel how safe and peaceful she is. I just love being around her and she is a joy to know. I am so blessed to have crossed paths with her and I could never thank her enough for all of the work she's done and all of her knowledge. She truly cares about people and is all about continued education, she never stops learning how to help people. A true saint among people. If you are debating weather to hire her DON'T, just do it and you will be happy you did." 


San Clemente, CA

"I am ever grateful to Alicia Manfredi-McNaughton, the Universe bringing us together, once again, but in this realm. Grateful for the safe, loving, and compassionate space she created for me to be in this process. For understanding what I needed in each moment, whether a gentle healing or a swift kick in the ass. :P But most importantly, for creating the space for me to meet my light being Adona - what a powerful, amazing, breathtaking experience that was for me. <3 You are a pure soul at its finest and I'm honored to know you, for you to have been my teacher and for our friendship." 

May Lynne Graves

San Clemente, CA

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